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GUNDAM CROSS WAR [Master of the Heavens]

Product info!

[Master of the Heavens ] introduces the new [Weapon] cards that enhance units!
Further your strategies with [Weapon] cards!

Create the ultimate unit with [Weapon] cards!

New card-type [Weapon]

A weapon represented as a Pilot Card with [Equip].
They are placed in the Bridge from the Character Deck just like a normal Pilot Card, and can be used to pay colorless costs when in the Bridge.
[Weapon] Cards can be embarked on units you dispatch and apply powerful effects.
They can also be removed from the game to prevent destroyed units from being discarded.

Gundam Barbatos Lupus joins the fight from [Iron-Blooded Orphans] season 2!
Gundam Barbatos Lupus 2 major campaigns!

2 major campaigns in commemoration of [Iron-Blooded Orphans] season 2!

Unleash combos on the battlefield with Gundam Barbatos Lupus and the new [Weapon] cards!

Continuous implementation of 2 other popular campaigns!
Limited promotion for official products in Asia

A limited promotion for official Asian products is being carried out for GUNDAM CROSS WAR. Official products have an exclusive sticker on the display box. Check for the sticker when you purchase products.

Please be aware that domestically purchased items will have different serial codes and will not be able to be scanned in the foreign versions of the app.

Promotion tickets with serial code (one per box) included!

Official products in Asia will include one index card with a serial code, per box.
Customers can trade 3 of these tickets for a limited Collection Rare card of their choice via the card delivery service, Carddass Direct. The following 5 cards from United Front will be added to the selection upon its release. *Quantities are limited. First-come-first-serve basis.

Collect [Masters of the Heavens] cards and become the national champion!

Lots of Gundam Cross War tournaments and events in action!
Check event page for details!