How to Play


Product info!

Unleash powerful combos with cards that have interconnecting illustrations!

Includes many combo cards with powerful synergy effects!
Combo cards have interconnecting illustrations, creating an appealing battle scene!
Collect the cards and start CROSS WAR!

United Front Selling Points!
Powerful synergy effects with cards that have interconnecting illustrations!

Collect the cards, put them into your deck, and connect them on the battlefield!

Deploy 3 cards by turn 5! 11 damage + draw 1 card!

  • 1.Dispatch Gaia’s MS! Mash’s MS’s colorless cost becomes 0 with Gaia’s MS’s effect!
  • 2.Dispatch Mash’s MS! ATK +1 with Gaia’s MS’s effect! Draw 1 card with Mash’s MS’s effect! In addition, Ortega’s MS’s colorless cost becomes 0!
  • 3.Dispatch Ortega’s MS! ATK +1 with Gaia’s MS’s effect! Receive no damage in battle from opponent’s units with Ortega’s MS’s effect!

Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank strengthen your allies!

When Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank line up, all of your units gain ATK +3!
In addition, Guntank gains Bombard and Guncannon gains a recovering ability when attacking! Bring Guncannon and Guntank onto the field with Gundam’s dispatch effect!

Strong synergy with super-powerful Special Rares!

Special Rares boast astounding Battlefield illustrations in special frames! The cards’ power is overwhelming as well! Freedom Gundam (Meteor unit) boasts a powerful effect specializing in a singular breakthrough! Justice Gundam (Meteor unit) boasts a powerful effect specializing in wiping out opponent units! Marvel at the units, and wield overwhelming power even on their own!

Popular titles finally join in the battle!

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destiny, and Gundam Build Fighters are finally joining CROSS WAR! Efreet Custom will be included as a Cross Rare card!

Powerful effects one after another!
  • 【Funnel:X】
  • 【Morale】
  • 【Sabotage】
  • 【Operation】
  • 【Guard】
  • 【Raid】
  • 【Invade】

Revealing cards everyday on our official Twitter account!
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Continuation of popular campaigns!