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GUNDAM CROSS WAR [Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, Fire!!]

Product Info!

New card type “Warship”, debuts!

The anticipated Warship Cards that players have been waiting for, will appear!
11 different warships, each with their own abilities!
Pick a warship that suits your strategy and roll out!

In stores April 14th (Fri.) 2017

Total 159 cards + 5 cards
80 Normal cards, 44 Rare cards, 10 Warship Rare cards, 15 Double Rare cards, 10 Special Rare cards + 5 Collection Rare cards

Booster Pack: 6 cards per pack / MSRP 300 plus tax

About the wrong illustrator name on card
The new Warship cards make their appearance!

In “Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, Fire!!”, Warship Cards appear with a brand new feature.

About Warship Cards

Warship Cards are a new category of card that accompany Unit Cards, Event Cards, and Pilot Cards.
By accumulating and paying stock, Warships activate unique and powerful effects.

Warship Cards

How to use Warships

At the start of the game, set 1 Warship card from your MS Deck, onto the battlefield! Pay the cost to increase your stock! Use your stock at the right time to activate effects!

By paying the cost for Warship cards in your hand, you can stack them to level up!
Power up your triggered effects!!

Warships, assemble!

Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, Fire!! contains 10 Warships (with an additional one as a bonus for box purchase). We’ll show you 3 warships as a special preview!

Units that have powerful combos with Warships!

The combo special page will be up soon! Look forward to it!

Rarity system overhauled!
In Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, Fire!!
Past high-quality illustrations return!

Normal and Rare units feature powerful illustrations returning from past Gundam War series!
Experience a card battle with these impressive illustrations!

Past high-quality illustrations return!
The popular box purchase campaign returns!

Buy a box of Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, Fire!!
boosters to receive one of these 3 promo cards!

*Designs are in development.
They may differ from the final products.


①In early March, the GCW development staff joins the battle!
②In late March, a mode is added to experience Warships in advance!

Enjoy exciting GCW play in 2017!