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GUNDAM CROSS WAR [Dance of Iron]

Product Info!

“Ultimate Multi-colored” VS “Supreme Mono-colored!!”

Alongside the entry of new titles, this booster pack includes a variety of cards enhancing deck construction!
Gameplay will be revolutionized, bringing both multi-colored decks and mono-colored decks to a whole new level!

In stores November 25th (Fri.) 2016

Total 120 cards + 5 cards + 2 cards
60 Normal cards, 35 Rare cards, 20 Double Rare cards, 5 Cross Rare cards + 5 Collection Rare cards + 2 Special Rare cards

Booster Pack: 6 cards per pack / MSRP 300 plus tax

Introducing 2 long-awaited titles!

[Mobile Fighter G Gundam] and [Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz] enters the battle!

All new [Mobile Fighter G Gundam] illustrations by Naochika Morishita!
In addition, [Mobile Fighter G Gundam] cards will be included in all 5 colors!
Build a 5-color deck!

Wing Gundam Zero, Tallgeese 3, and Altron Gundam from [Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz] will be included in this booster pack! Power up your deck even further by combining these cards with previous [Gundam Wing] cards!

Introducing [Iron Blooded Orphans] season 2!

The pack will include many Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn units!
[Dance of Iron] will introduce Gjallarhorn units as blue cards!
Construct a new multi-color deck with blue-yellow multi-color Crew cards!

Even more [Weapon] cards!

[Weapon] cards are strategic cards that were first included in [Masters of the Heavens]!
Many more will be added in [Dance of Iron]!
Limitless possibilities for in deck construction with new [Weapon] cards!

Box purchase campaign!

Obtain either of the following by purchasing a [Dance of Iron] box! Both are Cross Rares!