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Axis and Neo Zeon are invading! Card registration promotion campaign!


A new “Red Faction” will be introduced in the pre-built starter deck, “Char’s Counterattack”, to be released on January 22 (Fri)!

Get special promotion gifts by registering “Red Faction” real cards to the official app!

[Promotion Campaign (1)]

Silver Coins will be awarded to users (cards from SC are confirmed as rare or better). These coins are awarded once the promotion has ended, according to the number of “Char’s Counterattack” and “Axis Invasion” cards that were registered during this campaign period.


Be sure to register real cards from the “Char’s Counterattack” pre-built starter deck or the “Axis Invasion” Booster Pack before the promotion ends!


– When registering 20 cards or more: 100 SC are awarded (equal to 1 digital card)
– When registering 60 cards or more: 200 SC are awarded (equal to 2 digital cards)
– When registering 120 cards or more: 300 SC are awarded (equal to 3 digital cards)
– When registering 240 cards or more: 600 SC are awarded (equal to 6 digital cards)
– When registering 360 cards or more: 1000 SC are awarded (equal to 10 digital cards)
Register lots of cards from “Char’s Counterattack” and “Axis Invasion” to get rare cards in the app!

BT02-019 BT02-047 BT02-075 BT02-103 BT02-137

* SC will be awarded to each user in order, once the promotion has ended and totals have been added up.


[Promotion Campaign (2)]

The number of Battle Supplies that can be obtained through card registration will be doubled during this promotional period!

By registering real cards to the app during the promotional period, the number of obtainable Battle Supplies is doubled! Accumulate lots of Battle Supplies to be prepared for the latest update of the app, in which “Red Faction” cards can participate in battle!


[Promotion Campaign (1) & (2) periods]

Campaign (1) (from January 21):

It starts once you have updated the latest version of the app!

Campaign (2) (from early February):

Once the latest version of the app is released in early February, Campaign (1) ends and Campaign (2) starts.


* Promotion start and end dates may change due to version updates.

Thank you for your understanding.



“Red Faction” cards can be obtained from these products.

GCWST3_box                GCW02_boo_BOX_dummy GCWBO02_pack

Pre-built starter deck               Booster Pack [Axis Invasion]

[Char’s Counterattack]