How to Play


Gundam Cross War allows you to challenge rivals all over the world, anywhere, at any time, with the free app! The app matches you against opponents with a similar skill level, constantly offering intense battles.

Service ending on December 31st, 2017.

*You will be unable to login after this date.
*Please see this page for details.

Data download and tutorial

When starting the app for the first time, data will begin downloading. During this time, you can run through a tutorial with Sayla Mass, where she goes over app controls and basic card game rules.


Users playing with real cards can also utilize the time while data is downloading to learn app controls.

For a detailed explanation of card game rules, watch the battle guide video above, or check the official website.

Faction Selection

By completing the tutorial, you’ll receive a Starter Deck as a reward. After that, players must choose a faction.

Once you’ve decided on a faction, you’ll acquire “Cards Provided Per Faction.”

* Starter Deck content is the same for all players.
* Cards acquired here are the same as those acquired when registering real cards or in the app.


While you can change your faction later, the initial Supplementary Cards that you receive will only be for the faction you chose first*.

If you don’t have any real cards, this decision will influence your battle style at the beginning, so choose carefully! Real cards can be purchased here!