How to Play

Gundam Cross War Swiss Draw

1. Swiss Draw Tournament Match Format
Game Format
Sets of games are held in a best-of-3 format, with a total of 6 sets played.
The time limit for a set is 50 minutes.
At the start of each game, the turn order is determined by a game of rock-paper-scissors.
The winner of the rock-paper-scissors game will go first.
Players gain points based on the results of each set of games.
Win: 3 points (2 wins 0 losses, 2 wins 1 loss)
Draw (winning): 1 point (1 win 0 losses 1 draw, 1 win 1 loss 1 draw)
Draw (losing): 0 points (0 wins 1 loss 1 draw)
Loss: 0 points (0 wins 2 losses, 1 win 2 losses)
*Wins by default are treated as a win (2 wins, 0 losses).
If 50 minutes passes without the current game ending,
the player with the greater amount of Mother Ship Hit Points is declared the winner.
If Hit Points are the same, the game is declared a draw.
*The number of sets to be played will be determined by the number of participants on that day.
How to Determine the Final Ranking
When the number of set games have ended, the following order determines the rank.
1. Total points
2. Total points of opponents
3. Win/loss ratio
4. Win/loss ratio of opponents
*When 6 sets have ended, if there are players with only wins, this order determines the rank.
How to Decide Opponents
The first game is decided randomly.
After the second game, players with the closest total points
play against each other.
2. Decks
  • ・Only decks built in compliance with regular game rules are permitted.
  • ・During the tournament, players cannot use other decks.
3. Sideboard
  • ・This tournament format permits the use of sideboards to make changes to decks.
  • ・Sideboards are composed of 10 cards: cards used in the MS Deck (Unit/Event/Counter), and cards used in the Character Deck (Crew/Pilot).
  • ・Only decks built in compliance with regular game rules are permitted.
  • ・During the tournament, players cannot use other decks.
4. Regarding Sleeves
  • ・During the tournament, sleeves are required to hide the backside of cards, to prevent exposure of the QR and serial codes.
  • ・Use of cards and/or sleeves with markings is explicitly prohibited.
  • ・Please use Carddass-sized sleeves. Sleeves must all be the same color/pattern. *Do not use Masters size.
  • ・Please use only one sleeve per card. It is prohibited to insert two cards in one sleeve.
  • ・Please make sure all cards are facing the same direction inside the sleeves.
  • ・Sleeves for the MS Deck and Character Deck are not required to match.
5. Regarding Forfeiting
  • ・During the tournament, players may forfeit.
  • ・Forfeiting is permitted at the end of a player's match (set).
  • ・When forfeiting, players must notify the reception of their forfeit before their match ends. Forfeiting without notifying the reception is prohibited. Forfeiting players will be removed from further matching, and their final ranking will be removed from further matching, without receiving a rank.
  • ・Participation souvenirs, etc., will be distributed at the end of the tournament. Players who forfeit will not be able to receive souvenirs.
6. Cautionary Notices During Matches
  • ・Please see the "floor rules" on the appendix before participating.
  • ・After shuffling your deck before a match, players must have their opponent shuffle or cut their decks.
    Afterwards, decks must be placed in the designated area. Players may not rearrange their decks at this point.
  • ・There is no time limit for turns. However, this rule does not permit players to delay the game.
  • ・At "Official Tournaments," once the tournament begins, deck checks may take place to prevent misconduct.
    Participants selected for deck checks will be randomized. Players who have been selected must swiftly cooperate with the staff.
    Participants selected for deck checks may battle separate from the regular progress of the tournament in consideration of the time required for deck checks.
  • ・Aside from your main deck, sideboard, and token cards, please do not conceal "Gundam Cross War" cards within reach, such as inside your pockets, deck case, or around the play sheet. Please store all cards that will not be used in the tournament in your bag.
  • ・During battles, if you have any questions or concerns, please raise your hand and call a judge.
7. Game Rules
  • ・Tournaments will be held based on the "Gundam Cross War" rule book Ver. 1.1.
  • ・Rule interpretations and ruling announced on the rule reference and rule Q&A will be applied at all times.
  • ・All rules regarding restricted cards and errata will be applied.
  • ・The ruling set by judges will be effective on the day of the event. However, please note that official rules may change at a later date.