How to Play


Top-notch illustrations light up the battle!
Start playing Gundam Cross War now!

The rules of GUNDAM CROSS WAR are simple and easy, enabling a fun gaming experience, even for people who are new to card games.
In GUNDAM CROSS WAR, various alliances from different series are assigned to 5 different colors. Each color has their own distinctive strategy, adding tactical depth to the game.
Start with colors that include your favorite Gundam series or devise strategies that catch your eye.

To start CROSS WAR
Begin with pre-built starter decks!

If you want to play CROSS WAR, begin with pre-built starter decks!
They include a ready-for-play deck and rule book, allowing you to start right away!

If you have a deck, learn the rules with the app!

The official app provides many ways to learn the rules, including tutorials and CPU battles!
Once you learn the rules, battle online with players from all around the world!
*The learn-to-play tutorial will be ready in June.

By registering real cards in the app, you can use them in the app as well!
Enjoy CROSS WAR both in reality and on your smartphone!

Invite your friends and participate in tournaments and events!

Once you learn the rules and get used to battle, try participating in tournaments and events.
Meet friends to play GUNDAM CROSS WAR with, and enjoy battles or chat about Gundam! You can also collect promotion cards and souvenirs!
Tournaments and events are held at card game stores and Gundam-affiliated facilities all over the world! Have even more fun by participating with your friends.
Try inviting both beginners and experienced CROSS WAR players to participate in tournaments and events!