How to Play

How to Play "Gundam Cross War Booster Draft"


4 players are required.
Each player must have 8 of the designated packs.
The tournament host must prepare the necessary amount of crew cards for all colors.

How to play
  • 1.Players sit around a table. Players should agree on the order of seating.
  • 2.Each player opens 2 packs and quickly confirms their cards. They must not show the cards to other players.
  • 3.Players choose 1 card out of 12 and place it face-down.
    Card selection should take approximately 30 seconds.
    Players must not show their card to other players.
    Palyers cannot look at their cards until the draft for that round ends.
  • 4.When all players finish choosing their cards, they must pass the remaining cards to the player on their left (clockwise), facing down.
    Players then look at the cards passed to them, and choose one. This continues until there are no more cards.
  • 5.When there are no more cards to draft, players may look at their cards once.
    Checking should take about 1 to 2 minutes.
    When all players are ready for the next round of drafts, each player opens 2 unopened packs, and repeats step 3, except passing the cards to the right (counter-clockwise).
  • 6.After repeating steps 3 and 4 going from clockwise, counter-clockwise, and clockwise, until all 8 packs have been opened and distributed,
    players should then check all their cards, and construct decks so they have 30 cards in their MS deck, and 10 cards in their character deck.

    Cards other than those acquired from the drafting process can be used for the crew deck.
    Please use crew cards prepared in advance by the tournament host.

    Deck construction should take 20 minutes. Construction time may be changed by the tournament host.
    Remaining cards should be removed from the table to prevent getting mixed in the player decks.
  • 7.When all players finish constucting their decks, the four players should play in a Swiss-system or round-robin.
    Let the battle begin!